Crane Insulated Conductor Systems

NOVA offers a range of different conductor systems to suit any environment, from the open conductor rail in copper head steel conductor bars, single insulated conductor systems, plastic enclosed conductor systems and metal enclosed conductor systems.

Single Insulated Conductor  



Single Pole Insulated Electrical Conductor Bars

Figure 8 conductors in galvanised steel, copper/steel laminated or copper, current range 110, 250, 350 and 500 amps


50amp and 100amp collectors


Single Pole Individually Guided Insulated Conductors

Conductor bars in Galvanised steel, copper or aluminium/stainless steel, current ratings from 60 to 400 amps, larger current ratings 630 1250 amps can be supplied.

Crane Single  Insulated Conductors Insulated crane collectors  

Insulated Crane Conductor Systems

Single pole insulated conductor rails, different conductor material for every application, vertical and horizontal installations, 10 to 2000 amps ratings

Insulated Conductor Rail Earth and Ohase Collectors  

Insulated Conductor Rail

Safe insulated conductor rail in galvanised steel, aluminum/stainless steel and copper, rating range 100, 200, 220, 320 and 500 amps, can be mounted vertical or hrizontal.




We have produced the attached literature to make the service engineers life easier. Contact shoes are shown full size allowing identification of a shoe by just placing it on top of the picture.

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