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Large range of standard slip rings are available for many applications our advantage of being highly flexible we can supply assemblies specific to customers requirements.
Moulded slip rings are designed as a range of high speed robust slip rings and also lend themselves to slow and medium speed applications, the insulation is thermoset glass-reinforced DCM based on unsaturated polyester resign.
Open type slip rings use plastic or tufnol separators.

Download 1 - 3 Moulded Slip Rings Assemblies
Download 4 Ways and Above Moulded Slip Rings Assemblies
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3 Ring moulded Slip Ring

Moulded Slip Rings Assemblies

4 Way Slip Ring

Modular Slipring

Modular Slip Rings Assemblies


Modular Slip Ring with Steel Sleeve

Built Up, Fabricated Slip Rings

Built-Up Open Type Slip Rings

Cast Slip Rings
Pancake or Face Type Rings

Pancake or Face Type Slip Rings

Pancake 2 Slip Rings
Slip Ring Collector Columns for Sewage Treatment Plant

Slip Ring Columns

Slipring Column
Slewing Crane Collector Column

Collector Columns

Crane Collector Column

Slip ring assemblies can be as wide as the numerous different applications for them. The following are some of the applications where our slip rings assemblies are used :-

Test rigs
Sewage treatment plants
Slewing cranes
Material handling
Water Treatment