Crane Load Limiters

Crane Load Limiter
Crane Load Limiter

Electromechanical load limiters for cranes etc,. Very economical, simple and easy to fit no modification of the wire rope needed for the installation of the load limiter. These units are attached near the rope anchor point (dead end) making it very ideal for installing on new or existing cranes or hoists etc.
Once the load limiter prefixed load has been overriden, a control relay is activated and the lifting movement of the crane is stopped.

 These load limiters are designed to avoid accidents and breakdowns due to overloads on overhead electric travelling cranes, winches, hoists, lifting equipment and any other industrial applications where tension in wire rope needs to be carefully and continuously monitored.


Safe Working Load
Number of Falls of Rope
Diameter of Rope.

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Load Limiter
Load Limiter