PVC Crane Enclosed Conductor Systems


Pvc Enclosed Conductor System Crane Collecyor Trolley  

Crane Enclosed Conductor Systems

Compact, very easy to install, Enclosed conductor lines in shock-proof PVC housing, down shop conductor supply systems for cranes, monorail systems, hoists etc., supplied with pre-installed copper conductors, conductor connectors and joint covers. To assemble the conductor run, only one screw per conductor needs to be tightened and the covers halves clicked together.Trolleys are single or double-collecting trolleys.

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Crane Enclosed Down shop Conductors    

Enclosed Collector Systems

Enclosed conductor lines in shock-proof PVC housing, compact power supply systems for Cranes, Monorails and Hoists etc. can be supplied pre-installed with profiled copper conductors or flat copper conductors which are pulled into the housing to give continuous copper conductor (no joints) this is done at site.