Metal Enclosed Conductor Systems


Metal Enclosed Conductor System

This system can house 4 to 18 conductors with current ratings of 60, 100, 140, and 200 amps, enclosed in metal housing which is also shaped to act as guide rails for the current collector trolleys to run on, trolleys can be inserted any where along the run, covers can be easily removed for inspection and maintenance removal of trolleys. This metal conductor system is a well proven product, it can be used in large range of applications because of its mechanical strength, two types are available indoors and a weatherproof system for outdoor use.

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3 types of aluminium enclosed conductor systems

Enclosed conductor lines in aluminium housing, compact supply systems for cranes, monorail systems, hoists etc., can be supplied maximum 11 poles pre-installed with profiled copper conductors, especially suitable for industry-systems with rough ambient conditions indoors or outdoors.