Motorized Driven Cable Reeling Drums

Monospiral Cable Reeling Drum
Monospiral Cable Reel

Types of Motorized Reeling Drums

Cylindrical Cable Reel
Monospiral Cable Reel
Random Lay Cable Reel

Drive Unites For Cable Reeling Drums

Frequency Converter Controlled Cable Reeling Drums
The drive unit is a squirrel cage motor, the torque is adjusted based on the crane speed, this is controlled by the PLC in the drive system which keeps the constant tension on the cable.

Torque Motorized Cable Reeling Drum

This type of cable reeling drum can handle long lengths of cable, the torque motor can operate continuously in the stalled position and can be rotated in the opposite direction and still maintain a constant tension on the cable.

Magnetic Coupler Motor Driven Cable Reeling Drum
This drive system is normally a standard squirrel cage motor, the magnetic coupler has a air gap between the driven shaft and the output magnet, the output torque can be altered by adjustment of the air gap, the magnet are permanent magnet and do not require external power.

Container Cable Reeling Drum
Container Crane Cable Reel
Cylindrical Cable Reeling Drum
Cylindrical Cable Reeling Drum
Monospiral Cable Reels
Two Monospiral Cable Reels
Magnetic Coupler Random Lay Cable Reelin Drum
Magnetic Coupler Random Lay Cable Reel
Random Lay Cable Reeling Drum for Crab Crane
Two Motor Magnetic Coupler Cable Reel
Sewage Works Moterized Reeling Drum
Sewage Works Cable Reel
Magnetic Coupling Monospiral cable reeling drums for purification works.
Motor Operated Cable Reeling Drums
Reels ready for Dispatch
I Beam Cable Trolley
'I' Beam cable Trolley
Buflex Flexible Cable
To compliment cable reeling drums
Trench Cover Lifting Device
Trench Cover Lifting Device