Plugway Plug-in Busbar
System for Textile Sewing

 Plugway Busbar Standard Length

Standard Length of Plugway Busbar Trunking

Plugway plug in ducting system has been especially designed for feeding single phase sewing machines, 3 phase sewing machines in the clothing industry, also portable appliances, general lighting, machine lighting, small motors up to 3hp (415v.3 phase), assembly benches, test benches and cleaning equipment.

Advantages of Plugway plug in busbar trunking

Instant connection and disconnection of sewing machines in complete safety.
Plug in anywhere along the busbar trunking.
Avoids expensive alterations to fixed wired outlets when sewing machines are added or moved.
Easy and safe fuse replacement.
Busbars are 63 amp Continuous rating, short circuit rating 2KA.
End feed and blank kits are available also centre feed (120amp).
Fixed 3 phase outlet boxes with 32 amp fuses can be fitted at joints.
Right angle and Tee joints are available.
Multiple circuit facilities.
Very simple to erect.
Clean appearance.
Optional single phase switched plug version

plugwayBusbar General Arrangement
General Arrangement of Plugway Busbar Trunking

standard Plug

Standard Plugway Busbar Trunking Plug

Plugway Busbar Trunking Tap-Off

Each plug unit is provided with a fuse compartment and individual cartridge fuses (5,10 or15amp), assess to the fuse compartment is only possible when the plug has been removed from the busbar trunking.
The plugs are locked into position after busbar trunking engagement by means of a spring catch, this must be manually disengaged before the plug can be removed from the busbar ducting, so avoiding the possibility of inadvertent removal.
Spring- loaded earth contact ensures that the safety earthing connection will be made first to the busbar and late breaking. The plugs are simply inserted into the slot on the underside of the busbar ducting and turned through 90 degrees, the plug can only engage when correctly orientated

Standard Plugway Busbar Trunking Plug Showing Fuses

Busbar Trucking Plug


Plugway So Simple and Safe to Connect or Disconnect from Busbar Trunking


Power Track for Cutting Tables


Power Track is ideally suited wherever a smooth, snag - free unimpeded supply of power is required for handheld power tools.
This makes it suitable for use in the clothing industry particularly cutting tables.