Full range of cable and hose reeling drums to suit the most demanding applications. Optimal solution for transferring power and control to mobile machinery.

Flange Mounting Spring Reeling Drum
Flange Mounting
Catenary Application


The cable is suspended horizontally between the reeling drum (usually fixed)
and the movable trolley without any intermediate supports.
Foot Mounting Reeling Drum
Foot Mounting

Lifting Application
lifting application
The cable is retrieved vertically, although the reeling drum is designed only to
handle the weight of the cable, additional weight can be accommodated by
the reeling drum, the exact weight and total height must be specified.
Bracket & Roller Guide Drum

Bracket & Roller Guild
Retrieving Application
Retrieving Application
This application is recommended wherever possible where the reeling drum
is mounted on the moving machine or trolley usually a rail mounted vehicle.
The reeling drum pays out and winds up the cable as the machine moves away
and towards the feed point. The payout length of the reeling drum can be
effectively doubled by fitting the feed point at the centre of the travel.
Swivel Bracket Mounting Drum
Swivel Bracket Mounting
Accessories and Options

Foot mounting bracket
Cable guild arm and roller guide
Swivel bracket mounting and roller guide
Ratchet to convert an automatic reel to an extension reel( for smaller reels)
End of payout limit switch
Anti-condensation heater 50W 230V for humid conditions
Special paint for sea coast applications



Other Designs of Spring Operated Cable Reeling Drums

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